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Originally Posted by OverFunk View Post
Good, good, you can be my evil minion. The mid boss position is open.
Originally Posted by Marisa Kirisame View Post
Dohoho, it's only a matter of time before we have this pesky Saimoe business in our hands. Just voted double Toradora, predicting Ayumu and Taiga today.
OMG! The evil is approaching.... but this will make thing more interesting *evil laugh*...

Regarding saimoe, losing Hina hurt but keeping Yui is good so that was kind of neutral for me. On the other hand, I'm sorry Nagisa but I'm very happy for Azu-nyan~.

For today's picks I'll go with:

Nishizawa Ayumu @ Hayate no Gotoku!!
Discovering some new feelings, I think I might have something against Minorin, maybe her dark side really affected me. Anyway, go Hamster!

Aisaka Taiga @ Toradora!
Another extremely hard pick for me, in the end I chose Taiga so I'll hope it's another victory for the pocket cat.

~Fuwa Fuwa Time~
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