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The Drama CD's information:

Release Date: 3/24/2010

Sado Tarou : Suzuki Chihiro (Luke from TOA, Hanzou from Sumomomo momomo, etc.)
Isurugi Mio : Ishiguro Chihiro (Not really any major roles, JP wiki link)
Yuuno Arashiko : Horie Yui (Naru from Love Hina, Siesta from Zero no Tsukaima, etc.)
Onigawara Michiru : Kuwashima Houko (The person whose characters always seem to be dying)
Sado Shizuka : Nonaka Aoi (Fuuko from Clannad, Kafuka from Zetsubou Sensei, etc.)
Sado Tomoko : Hisakawa Aya (Faruko from AIR, Minamo from Azumanga Daioh, etc.)

Well... At least Mio didn't turn out to be Kugimiya, which I felt was really likely to happen. Though I don't really know this Ishiguro Chihiro...

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