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Butler Girl and Senorita (Shitsuji Shoujo to Ojousama)

This is Shitsuji Shoujo to Ojousama by Ikki Sanada. New chapters are serialized monthly on Houbunsha's Manga Time Kirara Forward (I believe it's the same magazine K-ON! and Doujin Works was serialized). Here's the synopsis I found on MangaHelpers:

Hinata is a student at a prestigious all girls private school and looks up to Tsugeyama Saki, the shining star of the school. As the younger sister of Saori, the head mistress of the school, Saki is the most popular girl at school with her warm personality, beauty, top academic skills and is pretty much the perfect girl.

Hinata suddenly learns that her parents got extremely into debt, fled the country and pretty much left her out to dry. The headmistress Saori, out of compassion and seeing the Hinata's importance to the school, makes Hinata an offer to become a butler in return for providing room and board for her. Not having much choice, she accepts and is assigned to none other than Saki. Hinata soon finds out that Saki puts on a fašade at school and is not the perfect girl everyone thinks she is.
Only one volume has been published so far:

Here's the first chapter,

Now based on the first chapter and how much I've glanced on the next couple chapters, I can safely say this is definitely a yuri romantic comedy series. Saki is your textbook "ojou-sama tsundere" who's paired off with a nice yet rather clumsy Hinata. Once more chapters are release, you'll agree with me that Hinata looks DAMN FINE in a male suit and not to mentioned there'll be more opportunities of Hinata wearing fairly masculine clothing!
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