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Originally Posted by Arabesque View Post
I remember that. I really wish Kaoru Chujo would do some of these reports again.
I bugged her to do one of them after she didn't do it for a couple weeks lol, just asked her about this season and this was her reply on my VM.

Originally Posted by Karou Chujo
Today, in terms of posts per hour, the top shows are OreImo (72), Index (207 - both series), Ika Musume (53), Milky Holmes (29), Sore no Otoshimono F (51 - one series, I think), Kami Nomi (18), Soremachi (21), Pokemon (26), Yosuga (20), and Star Driver (28), in that order.

That's the total number of threads so far in parentheses after each show in that list. So interms of overall "popularity," I'd put the shows: OreImo, Index (?), Ika Musume, SoraOto (?), Milky Holmes, Star Driver, Pokemon, SoreMachi, Yosuga, and then KamiNomi.
I'm just hoping it sells around 5-6k per volume since that would be far better than most of Manglobe's recent efforts (Hatchin, Blacksmith.. yes they bombed hard) and over the Manabi line of 3000 by quite a bit.

Sora no Otoshimono has received a second season off selling 5.7k per volume and a movie for that just got announced as well... and it's production values are much higher than most regular anime.

I'm thinking OreNo is going to be massive... like 25-35k per volume... maybe 40...
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