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Originally Posted by Westlo View Post
I bugged her to do one of them after she didn't do it for a couple weeks lol, just asked her about this season and this was her reply on my VM.

I'm just hoping it sells around 5-6k per volume since that would be far better than most of Manglobe's recent efforts (Hatchin, Blacksmith.. yes they bombed hard) and over the Manabi line of 3000 by quite a bit.

Sora no Otoshimono has received a second season off selling 5.7k per volume and a movie for that just got announced as well... and it's production values are much higher than most regular anime.

I'm thinking OreNo is going to be massive... like 25-35k per volume... maybe 40...
That does not sound so good. I hope it was recent result as Oreimo and possibly Ika-chan just aired recently. Hopefully TWGoKs will get a decent post jumps once it airs. I mean Soramachi is underrated as expected, but i thought TWGoK do better than that

PS: out of topic, but who is on your avatar?
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