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I think I realized why the anime decided on anime-original content additions and focus on Kanon and Keima's relationship: It seems perfectly suited to guide viewers into the story's Goddess Arc by giving bolder emphasis and background on Kanon and Keima, as opposed to the way the manga handled it. IMHO I saw Kanon's return as a goddess vessel as a shot out of left field, but the anime tries to make it much clearer that there is going to be a deeper relationship between the two of them.

But the problem is this: If the anime decides to do this and give focus on characters that seem a bit unusual, wouldn't that make it obvious to manga readers who exactly will become very much important to the story? If Keima is correct and the last goddesses are in the 5 girls he's narrowed down,focusing on them in the anime almost telegraphs to a manga reader who the correct people are.
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