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The Mk15 Phalanx CIWS (the US Navy affectionately calls them the "R2D2s" due to the trademark radar antenna housing ) and the Goalkeeper are tasked with the interception of incoming missiles and low-flying aircrafts, yes, but they're very slowly being replaced by the Rolling Airframe Missile (RIM-116 RAM). While the system itself is proven, there are some concerns that the barrel group can be short-lived due to the very high rate of fire (a problem common to all Gatling cannons, I'm afraid, and perhaps overblown).

It should be noted that the US Army created a land-based variant of the Phalanx for defensive use in Iraq, to intercept mortars shells and artillery rockets bearing down on American bases.

Shooters probably don't feel the need to own one unless they're looking for thrills. Otherwise, a simple MP5 or a smaller-caliber MP7 can provide equal firepower with perhaps greater accuracy.

AMT was known for having quality issues - especially galling of the stainless steel...all those woes eventually drove the company bankrupt. They did however make quite eye-catching models, what with the Hardballer and those ridiculously long-barreled AutoMags.

As for Kimber pistols, while not having fired any of them, I've heard quite a lot of good things about them - one of their models, the Aegis, event went to win a yearly excellence award, which is quite a reward. Kimber is incidentally the designer of the USMC's MEU(SOC) pistol and its follow-on, the ICQB. From what I know both the armed forces and some police departments are quite content with Kimber pistols - the .45ACP has just not lost its popularity and I think the hype will live on for a bit longer.
a high caliber minigun guns down a Scud missile? thats new? oh what about that point defense laser project? is it still ongoing like the railgun tech research?

for the AMT, my uncle has the normal hardballer and when i had my way with 7 magazines with it, it started to not like me anymore...

screw those who dun like .45ACP! classic is still the best, although the original M1911 was said to be heavier due to its steel frame. as of right now, inside my closet, theres a silver custom II in a square case, tho i kinda dunno on how the hell did he manage to send it here in teh phils.

oh what about the SA-80? they say its freakin' heavy assault rifle despite its small size but when i faced it, it wasnt that bad....
lets roll
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