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From what I've read ZeKeR, the FAL and G-3 are still used in places like Africa and the middle east. Personally I would think that in an open area like the desert that a 7.62 rifle would be preferred for it's long reach!
And not all FALs are select fire. The British L1A1 for example was reconfigured to be only semi-auto (just like the later modified M-14s) due to controlability issues!
Now what's your opinion on the HK G-3? I don't think much was said about this rifle.
i'd prefer the L1A1 over the original FAL. my shoulder is nao traumatized by it.

when i had a go with it, i kinda no like its RoF tho, but i can say i really is HP rifle. recoil is kinda acceptable. its also easier to pull the charging handle unlike the SA80 and the AK47.

this summer, im gonna have a go with the IMI Galil... wonder why they say its heavy....
lets roll
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