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wow thats actually a pretty good assumption it never crossed my mind that oka maybe the one behind the play, since she knows everything about there relationship but im not a fan of her playing the role of god by that i mean shes testing their relationship and if thats the case she may end up doing more harm then good. and if she did write the play why wouldnt she put herself in it in some form?
Oka is certainly aware of what she is doing. If my memory serves me well, I vaguely remember her saying to herself, at one point, something to the effect of, "Maybe I went too far?", though in which chapter and regarding what devious plan I don't remember.

Yes, she definitely attempted to manipulate Urabe to give her okay to Tsubaki taking part in the dreaded movie by having her witness the scene of her and Ueno kissing. And if she was, indeed behind the movie fiasco, she has already done more harm than good. Funny, though, she's gone missing from the last couple of chapters. Perhaps her guilt has caught up with her. Oh, silly me, just what am I saying? That would never happen.

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The raw is already out. Anyone want see it?
If it was a raw of an anime episode, I'd watch it in an instant. But with my virtually non-existent understanding of written Japanese, I am going to have to wait impatiently until it gets translated. I just hope I'm not as disappointed as I have been with the rest of this arc.
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