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Originally Posted by zRichard View Post
But the problem that I have with the series is not interpreting what the character are thinking right now, but why are they having those thoughts.

In the last episode, the guy ran his lungs out dry to stop her from leaving Japan, so why is he turning her away now? Where did this development come from? Sorata failed to get what he wanted before, but he never took it out on others like this. The first time it was depression, now it's anger.

In fewer words: I feel that Sorata is not a consistent character because he's constantly becoming what the author needs him to be for artificial drama's sake. The show is a better Romance than a Drama.

Mimicking what Lota had said, it's all about which Mashiro he prefers- The determined and focused artist, or the uncertain young girl that doesn't think much of her work.

In his talk with Ayano, he almost unhesitantly chose the former, which makes sense since that's the Mashiro that he looks up to from the beginning.
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