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Originally Posted by zRichard View Post
But the problem that I have with the series is not interpreting what the character are thinking right now, but finding out why are they having those thoughts.

In the last episode, the guy ran his lungs out dry to stop her from leaving Japan, so why is he turning her away now? Where did this development come from? Sorata failed to get what he wanted before, but he never took it out on others like this. The first time it was depression, now it's anger.

In fewer words: I feel that Sorata is not a consistent character because he's constantly becoming what the author needs him to be for artificial drama's sake. The show is a better Romance than a Drama.
What do you mean by inconsistent?
Everytime he got rejected, he either almost lash out or did lash out at Mashiro because she represents a plateau he feels he can never achieve with hard work.

When Mashiro manga first got rejected, he was actually for a moment happy, because "oh...even a genius like her can fail"

Then when his game got rejected in the 2nd round, he almost did lash out at Mashiro, but stopped himself and told her to go back to her room.

Then this time his game didn't even get past the first round, and now he does lash out at her again because she seemingly is able to do anything she touches, and yet he's putting his all into his game dream and isn't getting anywhere.

All 3 times he knows he's a jerk for thinking that, but the inferiority complex he feels for her I think is portrayed realistically and consistent. Its the same thing with the Jin x Misaki thing, only a bit more youthful and flamboyant.

The conversation for the editor was interesting, when he responded with the former Mashiro. Again, I think it stems with how he sees himself in relation to her.
With the former Mashiro, she was a genius and all, but she acted all autistic or a robot, so he could have the excuse of 'oh that's what a genius entails being'

But now she's becoming more self-aware and human. So she's now a genius AND 'human' When its like that, where does it leave Sorata. And also the whole, now he doesn't know how to treat her as well.

With regards to how Jin is 'supporting' both Mashiro and Aoyama, it shows he's not playing favorites, he knows its a love triangle going on, and its just sad for all 3 parties to drag it out. So he just wants to push all 3, and have it come to decision.

In the end, Sorata should have just let Mashiro leave, and marry Aoyama imo....
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