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Ugh, the whole thing was a dream? Yeesh what a cop out.

As for the rest of the episode, it was a funny comedy until the drama bomb when Sorata got angry with Shiina, at which point I was just annoyed with him. He's already proven himself aware of the effect his failures can have on his temper with Shiina so this felt like a step back in development. That's not necessarily bad in itself as plenty of us have these ups and downs so it's still within his character, but there was a significant lack of impact in the effect that letter gave in pissing Sorata off and that's no good, since it was such a crucial factor. To add this on top of Sorata's denseness when it comes to the romance (which was already pushing it) and you get miss more than a hit. It's not that big of a deal and I was mostly able to roll with it but it could've been better if I'm honest. At the very least it did add some uniqueness to what was dangerously close to becoming a pretty generic romance.

And I'd really like to be happy at the Nanami development at the end but the whole scene looked like one massive set up for a tragedy to me so I'm definitely not getting my hopes up at all.
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