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Originally Posted by KiraYamatoFan View Post
Instead of setting that cabin on fire, could the authorities have used gas (as someone suggested it previously)? From the moment it was confirmed that there is no hostage, I don't see why not using something like fentanyl for this. Spare me the cabin for this.
The blue fraternity likely has a big mad on for Dorner, so them intentionally trying to kill him by torching the cabin is likely.

...there's also the fact that considering Dorners police/military training and how much preparation time he's presumably had, it'd have bee trivial for him to have packed a gas mask in a duffel bag. Does fentanyl work through skin contact?

Originally Posted by kyp275 View Post

Nevermind that fact this operation is run by the county sheriff, not LAPD.
The Sherrifs department has just as much reason to wanna kill Dorner as the LAPD. Those two guys Dorner shot up before barricading himself in the cabin were county police I believe.
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