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VROOM 06 - Operation Violet Beauregard

That was a whole lot of fun, mostly because Kenjiro got the chance to act as a more traditional Sentai/Super Robot villain. He was clearly having fun in the role, and the episode itself still had some nice character moments, especially with Reirei. If she's that deadly with basic kitchen utensils, I would love for her to become an actual Vivid magical girl down the line. Though I understand why Momo didn't get in on the fun, I'm sure Kenjiro could've found a role for her somewhere in his narrative. Maybe a meeting of Momo and Rei at some point? Rei's already close to Akane, so meeting the other sister would only hasten her move towards good. That bathing suit was a genius feat of engineering, though it's nothing Aoi hasn't already seen. (And that Wakaba and Himawari are now intimately familiar with.) Rather womb-like. ...and... like something in an eroge I played the day before. Akane needs to let Rei crawl in there.

A highly enjoyable episode for a great series.
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