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Originally Posted by Bleed Kaga
I don't pretend to know the #s, but I'm not sure Stargazer and/or igLoo's success is anywhere close to SEED-related products. We all know being mainstream doesn't necessarily mean good quality. Any video game from EA and games such as Spiderman or Harry Potter easily outsells any so-called quality games.

Fukuda stated multiple times the target audience for SEED are people around 14 years old with an emphasis on the female demographic. It has obviously worked. A gundam TV series is the biggest venture for Bandai. To maximize their earnings, I'm not sure they will want the risk of targeting another demographic.
I love how everyone hides behind the "sales" excuse. igLoo and Stargazer didn't have as HUGE of a budget that SEED or DESTINY has, but it was big enough for the shows to make an impact thus far on the Gundam community. If you look at the talk on BBS, 2chan, blogs, etc they have nothing by praise for the series. Apocalypse 0079 (since they actually offered this on mainstream) was on Oricon's #1 spot for sales. I think that says something. Badai really doesn't deal with the risks... it's Sunrise that dictates it. The only thing they care about is making models and selling them. Stargazers line is making fans cream their pants in anticipation.

And obviously if Fukuda was the master of his domain with SEED and DESTINY, then he wouldn't need to kill off the entire Cosmic Era with a movie now would he? Nor would he have to make a show for the kiddies. Stargazer and igLoo were specifically created to market towards the older generation of Gundam fans, and it just goes to show that it can kick the kiddy shit in the teeth.

We all know being mainstream doesn't necessarily mean good quality.
Quoted again for truth for SEED and DESTINY.

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