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Don't know if this is exactly anime of not but I have a few requests from the new FF: Advent Children Promo, AOne version.

00:42- 00:43
With Kadaj's glossy (seriously, they're glossy ) eyes, without the subbs hopefully.

With the revolving view around Cloud and Yazoo.

3:17- 3:18
Depicting Kadaj grinning.

3:27- 3:28
With Tifa.

Edit- More requests, same source.

With Yazoo and his 'gun blade'.

With Tifa, again.

Note: I apologize for being such an asshole and shoving in the last 2 requests last minute, it's alright if you in your bout of maddening rage that you refuse to do them.

An ASuki- friendly version (If possible) and a 'full version' for the GIFs.

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