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I don't understand your concern. Your faith gets chipped away at so many common instances as simple as the ones this thread.

Either it's by fractional amounts, which means it's too tiny to matter, or it's negative which means you can hit the despair button.

In any case, the abyss is fun to stare at.

-Your local cynic.
Please don't lead her astray. Madokami dictates that despair is a sin!

And she is beyond the age to be a magical girl.

When three puppygirls named after pastries are on top of each other, it is called Eclair a'la menthe et Biscotti aux fraises avec beaucoup de Ricotta sur le dessus.
Most of all, you have to be disciplined and you have to save, even if you hate our current financial system. Because if you don't save, then you're guaranteed to end up with nothing.
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