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More Cyber news:

Connecting the Dots on PRISM, Phone Surveillance, and the NSA’s Massive Spy Center:

"But long before Edward Snowden walked out of the NSA with his trove of
documents, whistleblowers there had been trying for years to bring attention to
the massive turn toward domestic spying that the agency was making."



4 Reasons to Be Angrier That the NSA Is Tapping Your Phone:

"In an outrageous attack on the privacy of the National Security Agency, last
week ex-security contractor Edward Snowden leaked -- among many things -- a
super secret court order in which the NSA asked to obtain millions of phone
records from American Verizon customers. So the government not only knows
you've been calling Rudy's Dildo Palace three times a day, but also knows how
much time you've spent there, thanks to your phone's GPS tracker. Is nothing
sacred anymore?

But as anyone who's ever relied on their significant other for rides to work knows,
we'll probably have to forgive the government for this. However, we really
shouldn't -- even though the sex is great, the fact is that this scandal is worse
than you probably think, because ..."



Kaspersky Lab Uncovers Global Cyberespionage Network:

"Kaspersky Lab, a Russian computer security company, said on Tuesday its
experts have uncovered a global cyberespionage campaign, which may have
been in existence for nearly a decade and compromised more than 350 computer
systems in 40 countries."

So how has this news been perceived in US public. Or was it the case of "Nah, we knew it all along already" ?
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