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Argh, I only just managed to watch episode 11 (raw) because my computer was lagging so badly and ***ny hates me -_- But... but...



This show is definitely in my list of Best Anime Of All Time. For sure.

Very much for sure.

Wow... if you thought the first 2 were great, then the 3rd practically throws you off your feet and smacks you in the face. Seriously - there are so many interesting things you discover in it, and the directing was just flatout excellent! They used the white-text-on-black-background thing VERY effectively and conveyed the drama very well, and the actual story behind the Bakeneko was revealed in such an excellent way... You really couldn't guess it until the 3rd episode (well, that's what I felt anyway). Oh, and if you think the medicine seller dude is really cool (like I do, of course), you ain't seen nothing yet!

And needless to say, the animation was absolutely excellent. 33 Key animators, and many of them are highly skilled, and it shows. The fight at the end was one of the best fights I have ever seen - and excellent colours, by the way - and there's this animation of a kitten that sends me , a cat addict, screaming into closets and banging on tables because IT'S SO CONVINCINGLY CUTE. It shows EXACTLY what I love about little kitties.

And when you compare it to what the Bakeneko really is, and the truth of the situation... It's just so beautiful I don't know what to say. From a seemingly fine beginning of ep 1 it just spirals down into madness... It's horrific! (Well, considering it's Japanese Classic Horror...)

Excellent, excellent job. Toei did something right for once, getting this brilliant team together! I cannot stop recommending this to anyone... it's a pity not many are really aware of the nature of the series (i.e. 3 separate arcs) so if they watched the first few eps and were bored, they're missing out on so much... OK, I shall advertise this more... Time for a change of avatar then!

I look forward to whatever works the director and designer have next - if they can work together again I am most definitely watching it!

runpsicat: Regarding your question I'm not entirely sure (my pathetic knowledge of Japanese largely fails when it comes to the dialogue in this show) but from what I understood,

Thank goodness the raw finally downloaded, at least!
Thanks for the fish
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