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I am THAT excited. The 3rd arc is simply BRILLIANT! I couldn't even blink in that final fight. It was so unique and beautiful and it totally blew my mind away! How could one seemingly boring series turn into something so outstanding? I was so into the story it pained me to watch the past. It's so depressing... And yeah, this one totally creeped me out. Never had I been creeped out so much by an anime. The last was Paranoia Agent, but the intensity level here is much higher. It drives me nuts wanting to know the truth behind it all. Man, the last arc totally altered my initial rating for Ayakashi. I now have to give it a 9. Too bad but I can't cheat and put 10 coz I didn't enjoy the first 2 arcs.

I'm really, really glad that I picked up this title.

And... I <3 Medicine Seller so very much!
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