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Originally Posted by physics223
The first arc was so-so in my standards; the second arc was great; but this third arc, is beyond excellence. This third arc is beyond grasp, beyond words. No, wait, it can be encapsulated in two words: FUCKING AMAZING.

Despite having really little sleep yesterday this arc made me widen my eyes in expectation of what will happen. In all honesty, this was the only arc that gave me the creeps. The hero here is also unforgettable. He's smart, quiet ... AND HE PWNZOMGWTFBBQZORZ!!!!!oneoneeleven ...

Of course, the OP and ED just became more fitting with this final arc, having more kick for me that I've downloaded both because of the fact that the final arc played the animation to the tune so well that all I could do was be wide-mouthed.

I don't find anything wrong with the final arc. This is one show I love ... the content, the depth, not to mention the consistent animation and coolness (damn you, Ergo Proxy!!). I also personally couldn't guess WTF was going on in the arc ... until it was elaborated upon in the third episode with the ominous black-and-white (black background, white text).
Wow the favor has been returned...downloading because of recommendations. Now if only they started with ep 9-11 first then I would have finished the series.

Anyways, I sort of expected separate story arcs but not that they'd have differend production budgets and look / feel altogether.

Also, in general most anime series tend to start strong and then lose steam, with some rare instances (usually involving psychosis) that things get so fucked up it becomes actually good.
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