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Originally Posted by saravis
What about Benawi? He was an enemy at one point in time.
I guess you could also say Touka as well.
True, but they were already included in the main 'Favorite Character' poll. Essentially zero villains were included in that poll, which is why I favored a 'Favorite Villains' poll--it gives those who couldn't fit into the main poll a chance. Including characters from the main poll would negate the point.

Of course, if there were room I wouldn't mind Benawi, Touka, and Kuuya being included (all of whom become non-villains), but not all three will fit.... As it is, I wonder how many villains will receive zero votes--some of them had so little air time or impact on the audience that they barely rate. Villains can receive praise (votes) for being cool, or evil, or devious, but many of the Uta villains just seem like mediocre cannon fodder. Mid-Boss Syndrome, I guess.

We could go with something like 'Favorite Character (part two)'. Then we don't have to worry about trying to classify who is a villain. Plus, it would let us exclude less notable villains while giving secondary characters like Mukkuru, Gachatara, Sakuya, and Chikinaro a chance (Mukkuru/Gachatara would probably receive more votes than Inkara/Nuwangi).
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