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Originally Posted by aegismode View Post
I would boycott R1 DVD if they re-do the songs in English. I really want to buy R1 so I really hope they leave it intact. Especially God Knows...
Jeez man, with all of the effort they've been putting into just the mere ANNOUNCEMENT of this license so far, do you really think that they'd push out anything less than stellar quality on the final release if they did choose to dub the insert songs in English?

I seriously doubt they'll do the OP and ED, but it makes far more sense to redo Japanese songs if the characters themselves are singing them. The test of whether or not the dub is high quality isn't whether or not they leave as much Japanese in as possible, it's how much they can effectively translate into English. I'm not saying they'll translate the songs, but a lot of people ARE hoping that they're redone in English for the dub, and that Haruhi's actress would be able to pull off an exceptional adaptation, which I think is entirely possible.

I see no reason to have low expectations for this dub.

Originally Posted by Setsuna Asuka View Post
Hell, at least Ocean isn't dubbing it<_<
What the hell is wrong with Ocean? I was actually kind of hoping this would be a Calgary dub, since their talent pool has improved dramatically over the past couple of years and they have the kind of voices that would suit this series perfectly.
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