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Oh my god, if the manga is really suspended, that would be dreadful. I was having so much fun just watching at the scans and guessing what the characters were possibly saying (I can't read a single word of japanese; I was trying to get into one class this year, but it may not happen).

The only choice left is to wait the spanish-latin version, but from what I've been told, it seems that their work is as bad as Tokyopop's. That means no desu, or even -yes ( no way, Sui saying "-Sí!" is not so hilarious)
And -yes, the fansubbers do the translation in a much better way, they even put the -desu, na-no...but they are taking so long doing it (last release was phase 11, on july)

Now I ask for a double pray. Will God listen to us???
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