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I've just burned through the first three over the weekend (the fourth is on order), and I have to say that I totally prefer the manga to the anime. Everything just seems fleshed out so much more. The characters seem more 3-D (especially Soueseki, who is much more interesting in the comic), and concepts are more clearly explained. Traumend seems like such a waste of time after seeing what they could have gone with here...and I'm going only on the plot synopsis of volume 4 at the back of three.

The only doll who comes out less than her animated counterpart is Suigintou...who just seems evil in this, without any of the redemptive qualities they gave her in the anime. That, of course, may change as I read on...but as of now she just seems purely selfish (much as she did - until her death scene - in the original Rozen Maiden series).

Can't wait for volume four to arrive (soon, I I ordered it through a shoppe that speicalizes in BD).
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