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Originally Posted by mikyu View Post
yeah and he has a favour for red hair ^^ ... I almost mistook a flay figure with meyrin just because flay also wore a green zaft coat.
and meyrin has something for higher officers
Not to mention that Kira has an affinity for stealing Athrun's girls, or should I say Athrun's girls have a tendacy to fall in love with his best friend.

I better don't state my opinion about that issue. it's a waste of time to discuss that.
I'm kind of tired of this debate as well, but all I'll say is that I disliked the way AsuCaga was handled in Destiny. If they were truly over, just give them closure and move on, it's okay if they broke up. However, the creators didn't feel the need to even address the relationship so no wonder people are confused. But then again, they neglected a lot of things so I shouldn't have been surprised.

letz start a kiramey fandome!
Yeah! I mean if YzakFllay can have a fandom, why can't KiraMey? Makes sense to me.
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