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You can actually watch StrikerS without the original, and A's series, but it would cut short your possibility to understand the background without the prequels. (the plot itself isn't dependant of the 2 previous series, but you will not be able to fully understand the character cast, and the themes, such like "technologic" Magic, as Mild-childa and so forth)

to put it bluntly, it would be like watching DBZ without the original serie : the plot won't give any problem, but the setup and characters might be too shady.

i would suggest you to watch the prequels first : they aren't too long (13 episodes each), and they are quite enjoyable. (also, they might give you an idea of StrikerS. if you don't like the prequels, you will most likely not like StrikerS, except if your only problem with original and A's is the "loli" parts)
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