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Originally Posted by Chaos2Frozen View Post
@Demon Eyes & Fuyu no Sora

Give it up you two That's just your ego talking...

1, I'm not afaid of that bedroom scene, it's so tame I would let the kids play with it

2, What are you talking about? It's clear that the three of them would go together, so of course they'll walk in at the same time

3, No dress would dance with another dress , this ain't no yuri school... (Again, I never watch Utena)

Besides Yuuno probably went through hell to get back in the game...

Spoiler for "How Yuuno fight his way back onto the show... (part 2)":

(Warning: Intermediate knowledge of "Kanon" required)
While there's life there's hope! The Legion will never surrender to you Yuunoha supporters. Will we guys?
The Legion: NO CHANCE IN HELL!!!!
See what I mean?

That means he has almost no chance to be back on time to do anything at all, since Nanoha and Fate belong together. FATE will ensure that. (Both Fates btw. ).
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