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Well, from the the character shown so far, only vol.1 will seem to be animated.
But with only 12 episode...maybe vol.2 also.
I've only read 2 volume, but it's a very interesting read

From left to right
Anmoto Shiika
Kusuria Daisuke
Tachibana Rina

Basic plot...
In Japan, ten year ago, Mushi appeared, no one know where they came from, nor what exactly they are, but they look like bug/insect, and latch on to a person and feed on that person's dream. Some people says it's a reward other say it's a prank, but people that got a mushi, gain ability through their bug.
To combat this threat, and to keep the information of Mushi a secret, the japanese government formed a special environment protection agency to keep it a secret, and study the phenomon.
The people that got Mushi, when the Mushi finish eating a person's dream, the host die, and the bug become a grown mushi, gaining unparalleled power and durability.
When a Mushi get destroyed, the host lose all their ability to think and emotion, following only orders.

There are three basic type of Mushi

Seperation type
The Bug will seperate and grow to a larger size and use it's physical body or other to attack.

Special type
The bug will effect emotion or a area with it's ability

Fusion type
The bug will fuse with the host to grant them unnatural ability.

Level from one to ten with one being strong and ten being weakest, ranked by Tokukan.

Level one Only five are known
Kako(Unknown) Fusion Type
Snow Fly(Tachibana Rina) Special type < Was defeated by Kako 4 year ago on his first mission, making him a level one>
Lady Bird(Anmoto Shiika) Seperation Type<Leader of the resistance, considered the weakest of the level one by Kako>

Level two
Tsukihime( Ogata Akatsuki ) Seperation Type<Vol.2 chara> Wants to kill Kako
C (Horiuchi Eri ) Special <Vol.2 Chara> See's Kako as a savior

Will add more as they are introduced in anime serie.


Kusuria Daisuke
A normal high school boy seemingly dragged into the Mushi incident, has a fear of people that use Mushi, but is a generally known as a nice guy.
Fell in love with Anmoto Shiika at first sight, and is trying to protect her.

Tokukan number one agent, destroying countless dreams to fulfill his own, fear by his enemy, and even the agency he works for, for his dream and he is willing to do anything to live, on his first assignment, he defeated the level one Snow Bird, granting him the title of the strongest.
He dress in a black overcoat(Special material) and a large google(Enable him to record everything and hide his identity)
And his only weapon is a handgun, but every shot is like a cannon, and in one battle, he destroyed a whole city to destroy the enemy Mushi.

Anmoto Shiika
A girl that became a dysfunctional person 4 year ago, but she suddenly became herself, and her Mushi that was destroyed came back, she ran away, and Tokukan is chasing her, until she met Daisuke, and both became attracted to each other, while hiding from Tokukan, she kept in contact with Daisuke
Her Musi ability, is when activiated, a firefly like mushi appear and start spreading snow, what ever the snow touch...breaks, doesn't matter if it's living or non-living.

Tachibana Rina
Classmate to Daisuke and leader of the resistance Mushibane that try to save people who got Mushi before Tokukan can get their hand on th em.
She's a accomplished artist, even winning a contest, and is a popular girl in class, she has a crush on Daisuke, but doesn't like his prejudice on people with Mushi, shewas searching for Snow Fly, because she's the only one to escape from Tokukan, and also to recover from that incident, and founded Shiika and took her in, not realizing who she really is.
She hates Kako, because he got rid of alot of her comerade and friend, and everytime they fight, he seems to taunt her.
Her bug is a lady bug, it's durability and strength is very strong.

The three

-- Add more later if necessary - -

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