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Originally Posted by Dynzel View Post
Geez, this thread is so dead.

I said I'd scan a few pages of the novel here awhile ago so.. uh, here are the first few pages. I don't intend to scan the whole book, though. [Might consider a PDF... but don't count on it too much.] The ViZ Media watermark was put there intentionally by me, except for the back cover, for... um, copyright? :x

Cover | Back Cover | Color Page 1 | Color Page 2 | Color Page 3 | ??? | Prologue: One, Two

I did scan the first page of the first chapter but I stopped due to lack of time (studying for final exams suck) and the first page seemed to end without really cutting off anything of significance so.... :P

Maybe this'll help potential buyers? ;|
OMG thank you very much!!

I live in Mexico, and here is almost impossible to buy stuff like this, maybe I can buy it in internet????

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