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Originally Posted by galeon110 View Post
So then the chance of a 3rd season of GS is slim to none?
From all the information gathered the movie seems to be a compromise for not having a 3rd series...Couple that with the fact Gundum 00's teaser release is 4 months before the show actually airs which tells me it won't present any HUGE SEED news or campaigns that will steal it's thunder (which is smart)...I would put my money on next summer or after Gundam 00 ends next year for the movie...Since Gundam has recently chosen to take atleast a year off between series, following a movie next year you would still have to wait a year after that...So a new CE series seems bleak at best...and all the money I hear they're putting into the movie suggest they want to end CE with a bang...So atleast 3-4 years away from a potential new CE series which doesn't compute Gundam 00's success which may or may not push that back even further...So you might wanna get on with your life in the meanwhile...
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