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^^^I guess Fukuda would be now forever known as "defect-to-the-other-side-you-all" Fukuda... (as opposed to "kill-em-all" Tomino)

@ Nightengale

Destiny is well liked and despised by people for their own reasons, and some reasons (like maybe the CE mechs) could be well liked by some and still despised by others at the same time. Like, for example, they would say they didn't like the Turn A because of its unusual design, but others like it. It really is a matter of preference for the fans, who maybe only liked CE because of some characters, some mechs, dialogs, etc. But some people find it hard to believe why the other side can't seem to see the beauty of what they see, and it is this kind of scenario where bashing starts (or flame wars, whichever comes first)...anyway, it's one of the reasons why there are so many fans of a given series (the diversity of their preferences, NOT the bashing/flame wars...^^;; ), and that the CE world just luckily happened to be part of the Gundam universe who is currently making LOTS of money at the present because of these very same fans.

Anyway, what I wrote was my opinion...

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