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Seeing as the whole show has some unbelievable parts...starting with Lucy herself, she might have lived. But I doubt that, if she survived, then there is still a big problem that is the company. They will keep coming back and I am sure next time they will kill those around her as well.

I belive she died, and in doing so, clensed herself of her past murders. I took that scene as the bullets taking her sins out, sort of a baptism(by that would clense her. She made her peace with Kouta then went to make her ultimate peace with the world. Besides if she lived there would still be the rivalry beteen her and the cousin(Sorry forgot her name, been a long time since I watched)

As for the guns, they were using mainly MP5 which uses the 9mm, and I am guessing they had parabellum rounds(Hollow points, basically causes more damage). Enough of them would kill anyone, and did you see the amount of soldiers firing, it was quite a lot.

Overall her death was sad, but not tragic. She was a murderer, and a psychopath. Sure The other self was sweet, but the killer was always there. She just couldn't live in society, death was probably the best thing for her. She got to say she loved him, got a kiss and got the reassurance he does not totally hate her. It was enough for her to at least die somewhat happy. Then add the orphan girl who was molested and the other horned girl(Again sorry, been a while) who were both saved and got a better life, I say it was a pretty good ending.

The truly sad part for me was the flashbacks, at the moment she gave herself to the killer side. The moment she said I really loved you Kouta, was the gut kicker for me. Had he told the truth about the cousin, but said he was not interested(Wasn't at the time), things might have been different. They could have had a life together...but they didn't. I guess the term for this is what happens...happens.

But that is just my humble opinion.
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