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Originally Posted by gaguri View Post
Never mind Arthas. I generally put '@' in front of name to address that particular someone, and sometimes people don't see that so meh.


I don't need to be an expert on anything, pretty any sensible person with a triple digit IQ will argue that shooting scene seriously tests the plausibility of Lucy/Nyu's survival.

And who honestly think that bullets going over her head are going to come back at her like a homing missile. I suggest you hone you practise in interpretating other people's simple comments properly and not coming to totally wrong ideas, should you wish to have more meaningful conversations in the future.

And just because you're so uncoordinated and untrained with rifles, doesn't mean the soldiers are as incompetent as you. I'm willing to bet, at a close range (which she is at), way more than half of their shots will land on her (vital or non-vital, doesn't matter), with M-16, or AK, or even a bloody home-made rifle made by a 10 year olds in Africa, who probably have more common sense than you with such scenarios from seeing so many people being shot. I also would imagine that they've landed enough shots to literally turn her into a beehive.

And this is just my guess, but the guys with guns (and their leader) probably would have checked if she was really dead, before leaving the scene. I'm not a military expert like I've said, but I'm pretty sure one of the most important thing for soldiers/hired mercenaries/agents in completing their assassination mission, is that they actually confirm and check if their target really is dead.

And yes, Nana survived after her arms and legs were amputated. I think a normal conclusion we can draw from this, is that the animators wanted to make it all cool by pulling her arms and legs off, but needed Nana in the story, so they conjured up hocus pocus and walla, she survived. Likewise, maybe that really is Nyu behind the silhoutte. It just means that animators didn't do a very good job. But no, you just had to make yourself believe that she survived the shooting in a realistic manner. You can't accept the fact that animators zapped a deus ex to bring your beloved character. I understand that, and that's why I'm here to help you see the light ;D. I'm sure you have even more abstract and imaginative questions that runs wonderfully and freely in that sphere we call 'delusional'. Remember, I'm always here to answer for you~

Okay, I'm a complete n00b here so sorry if I offend anyone, but I just got done watching Elfen Lied last night. Now you seem dead on on what you have said. No matter how much I wish it isnt true, you really put it out there that Lucy/Nyu is dead. I'll probably have to rewatch the last episode to actully notice the things you have pointed out. But still there is one more question that lingers in my mind and that is who the person behind the door is? I now we will never know who it is exactly but I would like some peoples opinions. This has probably been discussed so much already but I dont wanna go and search the onehundred pages to find out what other people think. I still wish Lucy wouldnt have died though. T_T
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