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But I thought the ones with the 'hands' were all killed or hiding(Nana). Aren't the others just humans with horns? If that is the case, then they can only fight as a human, and can die just as easily.

And if they do have more with 'hands', I would be hard pressed to believe one could survive a tank shell or aviation bomb/missle. While he does run a rich company with many weapons, when the world's militaries finally got involved, they would ultimately be stopped.

Also, not all the Diclonius are cold blooded killers(Nana).

So looking at it from a tactical view, I don't think the Diclonius could take the world. From what is shown, Humans out number them, plus have the ultimate technology if need be. No matter how many 'hands' you have, you are not going to stop a thermonuclear weapon(Though that would be a last resort).
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