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Emotions are expressed throughout any time of your life, whether you're a teenager or an old man. It's actually a matter of being able to control your emotions. Teenagers are generally much more rebellious and inexperienced when handling their emotions since they're just beginning to experience the world with their own eyes and discover a lot of things their parents never told them or truths they were taught by their parents break down (Santa Claus to bring a very rough example), leading to said rebelliousness. Before you hit puberity, you pretty much buy what your parents say but you find out much more on your own once you do.

However, if we were to have no emotions at all, we'd be stripped of the very thing that makes us human. We wouldn't feel pain for instance, and therefore we wouldn't know out limits, we wouldn't know where we should stop with something before ultimately hurting ourselves. Without emotions, you're basically no better than a doll. Emotions is what makes people live, what makes people feel and define them as individuals. Humans need emotions because it helps us also understand the world around us with a unique perspective. I hope that helped you out.
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