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Originally Posted by n0m@n View Post
Yup. That's right. True-Longinus is a spear/lance
wtb ^^

also.. about the authors choice of setting..
thers 4 princes of helll and 4 arch angels yea?
isnt their suppose to be 7?

Lucifer - Pride
Mammon - Greed
Asmodeus - Lust
Satan - Wrath
Beelzebub (also called Baal, Lord of The Flies and Baʿal Zebb) - Gluttony
Leviathan - Envy
Belphegor - Vanity and Sloth


Gabriel - God is my strength
Michael - who is like God
Raphael - It is God who heals
Uriel - God is my light
Raguel - Friend of God
Remiel - thunder of God
Saraqael - Command of God

or is it a different legend all togeather? since there are many books on theories about hell etc..

im interested ^^
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