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Originally Posted by Mcloving View Post
I wanted to ask after reading the comments posted, if Koneko can help Ise replenish his lifespan that he lost while he was in juggernaut drive; why was it necessary to obtain power equal to it. Couldn't he just get Koneko to refill it back every time he uses it or is there a catch?

Also is it possible that the 2 heavenly dragons were once a single entity which was split into 2? since they have equal opposite abilities it reminds me a lot of Yin and Yang.
i think there was a problem where issei couldnt control juggernaut drive or something.. i dunno.. im a lost child..

but about the 2 dragons being a single entity ;/

thats a good thought ;/

but then comes the question.. who seperated them or how were they seperated if its true
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