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Originally Posted by dannclark View Post
Isn't asia like head over heels for him from the start basically? lol she freaks out when hes reffered to as her Boyf and is like mega jealous of rias, in volume 2 rias also reffers to ise as asia's love and she doesnt object lol. I thought she was the first to sort of really like him for him. I kinda feel like she deserves a tieing amount of love from ise with rias.
i think is little bit complicated you know.
vol 1 asia like ise.
vol 2 rias turn.
vol 3 kiba turn.
vol 4 zenovia turn.
vol 5 koneko.
vol 6 irina.
vol 7 akeno.
vol 9 nine tail musume.
vol 10 rizer little sister.
asia like ise but she know that rias have special place on ise heart also rias is number one woman that ise lusting.
you read vol 2 new life.
asia said she don't want to lost but she think she will lost.
the more plot reveling asia know how deep conection betwen ise and rias,she don't want lost but she have no choise but accept about ise x rias.
well she didn't mind polygamy you know.
asia is one candidate for ise harem that rias mother order for rias make and to manage for giving it to ise.
the other one is akeno.
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