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Originally Posted by Washu-Chan View Post
I already mentioned this: the problem with Lacus is that out of the key players of Seed and GSD, she doesn't have much of a backstory on how she became what she is. We already knew Kira's and Athrun's origins throughout Seed, and how did Shinn became what he is in GSD.
Oh, I know that's part of why she doesn't appeal to me that much- even though she could have if they'd done her character properly. And I think it's probably what most people have a problem with... her lack of a backstory, flaws and relatable traits make her difficult for people to understand or, well feel related to.
I was just saying that leaving those issues aside she at least does something, compared to some of the more awful characters of her type. Considering she's a main heroine however, it's a grave oversight that she doesn't have any of the above- but we all know it plays back into how she's a self-insert.

Is Fukuda trying to give Lacus a Wolverine-like origin (i.e., Lacus's origins are shrouded in mystery)?
I doubt that's the case. A background is just hard to do for a character who's meant to be flawless- it means having to do a lot of human stuff with them and that's usually messy.

Either that, or there really wasn't anything in her past...

edit: actually there at least has to be how she became a popstar, why she became who she is in Seed though...
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