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I love it (Cause people always like to say "I love it" before the kill$hit^^) how people forget that Lacus was first introduced as a somewhat mentally challenged idiot-savant how talked to her ball-like robots...I remember when Athrun was first shown at her front door he was like "WTF? I'm really gonna marry this loon?" Now I know she turned into black SEEDMODE eyes Nacy Drew out-dueling Dullindal based on seeing red-scribblings on a notebook, and taking trips to non-existent shadow organizations named Terminal before she puppeteer'd Athrun yet again, but that girl was one coordinator cuckoo over the nest at first...
She was on an unknown ship so she pretended to be dumb. She dropped the act occasionally.

Personally I love dumb Lacus as there is some great humor in seeing her do things like dumbly wave to Kira.
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