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Originally Posted by Xenon_gun View Post
However, if there is no one hiding in the six rooms, and these six are dead... then who is in Kanon's body? Does this mean that Beatrice can 'hide' in Kanon's body and avoid getting called out? Or is she Hiding in Plain Sight (with a +20 modifier at that)?
In EP6 Kanon also did not hide in Shanon/Beatrices Body, at the logic error, as he did not exist in the room. They litterary "disappear", without leaving a trace.

Originally Posted by Xenon_gun View Post
This is where the logic breaks. Beatrice is right to ask, "What am I?"
Really, what is she? Should she be treated as a human? If so, then the other reds are erroneus. Is she a witch? In that case, this red doesn't work.
No! Even on the contrary. This is a hint! "She" will now kill him and it is 24:00 right now, The only human left alive was Battler and no other things beside humans can influence this game.
That means it is a THING, a WEAPON, just like the Winchesters. But since no human besides Battler was alive, and he very likely did not accidently trigger any strange things that may lead to an accident, it must be an indirect weapon, like a trap.

But since in every game it is triggered at 24:00 and it kills Battler every time, regardless of what his location is, we can conclude: IT'S A DELAYED-ACTION BOMB!
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