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Saying you don't care and will just wait to see it in the Answer Arcs seems like picking the easy solution to me (and poses the danger of understanding nothing becuase of the roundabout way the answers are given).
Regarding that I wonder if Ryukishi's attitude that mystery fans need to work out mysteries on their own otherwise they are not true fans of mystery as commented by Will, is really the right one to have as an author. In my experience one of the main enjoyment of the mystery genre is also to just enjoy watching the gears turn in the detective's mind.

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I have to agree, I read the games after all arcs were out, but it just made solving the mystery more fun as I had less time to wait to see if I was correct. For me someof the best moments were seeing the confirmation of Shkannon theory (since at least game five I am pretty sure I'd been thinking they were the same person, and certainly before game six was through) and having Will confirm support my solution of the linked closed murders (or even better my confession). I do not think reading it later ruined it, maybe I didn't wrack my brains as long as others, but as long as you didn't cheat the answers or read all the mysteries straight and gave it some thought in your downtime it was still good. I would say the only aspect us latecomers miss is the fun of arguing over ways to solve the closed room mysteries before the answers were known, which would definitely have been great. Maybe in his next work if he throws in a mystery or two.
Same here. I read them all at once as well. While I admit that a lot of my speculation turned out to be incorrect(had to revise my theories per game). I did enjoy the ride especially the climaxes were awesome.

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No! Even on the contrary. This is a hint! "She" will now kill him and it is 24:00 right now, The only human left alive was Battler and no other things beside humans can influence this game.
That means it is a THING, a WEAPON, just like the Winchesters. But since no human besides Battler was alive, and he very likely did not accidently trigger any strange things that may lead to an accident, it must be an indirect weapon, like a trap.

But since in every game it is triggered at 24:00 and it kills Battler every time, regardless of what his location is, we can conclude: IT'S A DELAYED-ACTION BOMB!
Funnily enough the first time I interpreted that line to be that Battler was poisoned/drugged which explains the "magic" events, why Maria died via poisoning, as well that it is the answer to "who am I"(delusion created by drugs).

Although the 5th debunked that and 7th confirmed that it was a bomb.

However one thing I am not sure about. Is why Beatrice seemed so torn up at the question of "who aaaam I". Will's answer was that she is the promised death god that pulls down the curtain on witch's games. The explosives have connection to Beatrice as it creates the cat box which could allow Beatrice to exist. However I am not really sure if that is it.
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