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Originally Posted by Riker
Ok, I was watching episode 3 when I got hit by an idea duing the Saber/Lancer fight scene.
Then, when I was almost done, I got stuck.
I couldn't think of any good caption for the sig.

Thus, I'm requesting you guys to think of an interesting caption.
It can't be too long, as there's limited space in the sig.
The person who comes up with the caption I like most, I'll put his name and caption on the sig and he can use it.


A twist from the usual requests, I hope the mods don't mind. :x
Yey.. grandmaster animated sig maker have arrived.. soon all request would be for an animated sig .. I can play FM06 again w00t.

And I got the best caption for that sig as well.
Spoiler for the best caption:


And even Drake's here ..

@ techiet ... Sorry.. but its obvious that you requesting for use in another forum ... thus, I ignored your request.
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