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Originally Posted by yogotah View Post
Lol at the reaction that Naruto would have if he saw the strength of Hashirama...the kid wouldn't stand a chance.

Don't you think that Naruto has hit a power ceiling?
It's not wise to talk about a "power ceiling" in an action shonen manga
They just keep growing infinitely, that is until the end of the story.
I agree that the current Naruto is weaker than Hashirama in his prime. However what we see is Hashirama's full power, but Naruto has a lot of room for improvement, in both jutsu and power level. Just remember that the ultimate ninja is not Hashirama or Madara, it was the Sage of 6 paths when he became the host of the 10-tails. So if you want to talk about a "power ceiling" it's better to say that the ceiling is the sage's level. I think it all depends on how far Kishimoto wants to take the story and what opponents he can invent for Naruto. Because currently the only worthy opponent for a Naruto that becomes even stronger than Hashirama would be a revived Madara who becomes the host of the 10-tails (he can become if he takes half of the kyuubi out of Minato and captures Bee). That way Madara would be as strong as the sage of 6 paths and also have his EMS and wood powers too. I don't see how could Sasuke become such an opponent unless it turns out that he was genetically engineered by his father and Tobi to awaken the rinnegan plus he becomes the host of the 10-tails. That would be a challenge for Naruto, otherwise it would be boring to see Naruto easily overpowering all enemies.

Currently i believe that Kishimoto wants to return Obito to the good side at the end of the war, so he won't revive Madara, thus Madara can't become the 10-tails' host. Obito might use his rinnegan to do a mass revival, betraying Madara. On the other hand the current Sasuke does not seem determined to kill Naruto, rather he seems confused, doesn't know what he should do. And if Hashirama's talk-no-jutsu is half as good as Naruto's then i don't know what events should happen in order to have Sasuke as the final villain. But even if neither of these become the final super-villain, there's always Orochimaru to entertain us

Originally Posted by yogotah View Post
He's done sage, he's mastered the nine's tail power....I really don't know what else he could do to get stronger....but I can hear Kishi's voice now saying " Don't tempt me, don't tempt me "
I think it's quite obvious what can come next: sage + kyuubi. I already wrote about this: when he became friends with the kyuubi he didn't have to balance out his own chakra with the kyuubi's. It's the opposite now, the kyuubi's chakra counts now as his own. Now imagine a sage mode where he doesn't balance out natural chakra with his own but with the kyuubi's chakra, then if the kyuubi's chakra is for example 100 times more than his own then his new sage mode could become a 100 times more powerful. Also imagine combining all the additional powers that both of these give him: the power, chakra sensing, frog taijutsu of sage mode with the speed and chakra hands of kyuubi mode. I think that this won't happen in this war, only in the future, but it will definitely happen.

Originally Posted by Hunter View Post
I think Naruto has received so many power-ups in quick succession during this arc that people just don't really realize how ridiculously powerful he is become.
Probably because he was saved by others so many times in this war, by KillerBee, Kakashi, Gai, Hinata, Neji and also Ino. It was a team effort, Kishimoto wants to show Itachi's advice working in practice.

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