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Originally Posted by Dengar View Post
I find that to be a bit silly. All it does is shorten the time necessary to learn something. But not everything can be learned. If you don't have the talent, a billion years will not be enough to learn it.
Statistically that is untrue. Issues of immortality aside, Naruto isn't (re)inventing the wheel, and since ninjutsu isn't exactly string theory (the underpinnings may be, but you don't need to know that much of the 'how' to use ninjutsu) there is nothing preventing him (that we know of) from learning all the techniques of Konoha (which supposedly Sarutobi already did) and then the world. Beyond bloodline abilities (many of which can actually be transferred anyway), and taijutsu (since Kage Bushin do not create muscle memory), Naruto can use his Kage Bushin to learn everything, even if he is only average to slightly below average intelligence. (He'd probably still struggle with genjutsu, and that would be due to his lower intellect, but he could still learn the techniques and with the gains he has made in chakra control he could be damn good at it.)
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