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Originally Posted by Dengar View Post
Yeah so you can learn how it works, but eventually you reach the cap of how skilled you can get at something. There are people who spend their whole lives practicing a particular type of sport, but never achieve olympic level.
You are correct, Naruto cannot "master" every ninjutsu. I misspoke in that regard. But, he can learn to utilize every ninjutsu. Even if his fire is always weaker than an Uchihas, or his water is always weaker than Tobirama's, etc, he can still learn all the same fire and water jutsus with Kage Bushin. He will not be a master, but he can still know everything. .

...But, it is said that if you spent 10 years doing any specific task, then you will eventually master said task. Since Naruto has the option of 'living' 10 years in a month, then why couldn't he master everything?
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