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Originally Posted by Kyero Fox View Post
Amen to that video. Stop it... New Lara croft is still a example of this...stop it.
It isn't going to stop, it will never stop, forget gaming, "Sex Sells" has existed in media since the first artist realized he could draw pictures of naked women and they would sell. "Sex sells" exists in all forms of media; books, movies, tv, even music. So I would hardly say the objectification of women is the reason for lack of women in gaming

Furthermore, you don't develop an industry by suppressing the ideas of others, you do it by coming out with even better ideas. I have absolutely no idea what women want from gaming, I'm not a woman, but if women have an interest, start making suggestions or better yet, get into the industry.
So people understand that I do not take these discussions seriously, its all good fun.
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