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I disagree with you all.
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Originally Posted by SaintessHeart View Post
Since when is the touchscreen smartphone a licensed technology?
I'm pretty sure the iPhone isn't the first touchscreen iPhone, so no, they can't patent it. They can, however, patent bits and pieces of it - maybe too much. There are supposed to be restrictions on that sort of thing, but they're subjective, and Apple can afford lots of lawyers.

Originally Posted by chikorita157 View Post
After seeing Nokia vs Apple and Kodak vs Apple and RIM, I think there really needs to be patent reform. Sure, you want to protect an idea, but there are companies who patent ideas and never used the patent. When someone uses the patent they don't use, they sue for money. They are known as patent trolls and that can be seen as a reason why the patent system in the US is broken. I'm sure that it won't happen in other countries... or is it?
I think, for that sort of things, patent law is pretty similar everywhere. (Conditions of attribution are a bit different in Europe, but the rights patents give you aren't.)

In France, there's the added bit that you can't buy a license and not use it for X years, but all it means is that the rights revert to the patent holder. If you're it, you can forbid everyone to use the tech for as long as the patent holds. In theory, there are circumstances where the government will force you to license it, but again... subjectivity + lawyers.
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