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Originally Posted by LVD View Post

I.... slowly losing patience on getting Nanoha DLC without buying Lyrical Box the more I stare at this.... Mostly because if I get Signum, then I won't have enough to get another DLC 'til I/friend goes to Japan. ._.Y'know, I've never really thought of them as Dark Material, like with Dark Pieces. I just thought "Material-[letter here]", rofl. I'd rather call Material-S "Starlight Destroyer" 'cause I think it sounds cooler, but typing Material is so much easier. ;-;

But uh, just glimpsing through the corrections. orz for skimming. Does Material-L really talk that formally? 'cause hearing her gives me this sort of tomboy/slang vibe. Material-S is all polite, so I'd expect to hear her talk like that. Material-D is something I forget and don't want to remember. Scary, scary! ;_;

And then there's just really minor stuff like:
Fate-chan still has Arf....!
Most of all, Fate-chan is a stronger girl than she believes herself to be.

You still have Arf... !
But most of all, you're stronger than you think you are.

- I understand that Nanoha is really saying "Fate-chan", but it's one of those repetitive things that gets a little argh. Or I've been editing too much doujin.

Aah...In a way, this is a relief.
The real Fate-chan would never say that.

- lol, I don't know why "this is a relief" caught my eye. I'm probably over-thinking. Was thinking something like, uh...
Ahh... In a way, I'm relieved. or even Ahh... I'm sort of relieved.
The real Fate-chan would never say that.

I can somewhat understand your distress about the DLC in general.

Hmmm...the way I'm hearing the vocal, it sounds somewhat like that to me, though I'm not perfect either, so a second person helping with corrections would help out Password-san. Also, I'm doing this quickly so I'm bound to screw up at some points. Or rather someone will find a better way to say it.

For the first correction to my correction: Technically Nanoha uses Fate-chan alot, and since they're only nine years old at the time, I thought it be appropriate due to their age and what not. Young children in Japan sometimes refer to themselves or others in the third person until a certain point. ^^;;; That's how I was looking at it when I did it initially.

Anyway, the whole Dark Material part makes it a bit more difficult in some ways. Nanoha's Dark Material tends to be like that. Fate's Dark Material I can understand where they're going with that a bit. Hayate-chan's on the other hand...says some things in many many ways... could be me but I don't hear alot of slang from Dark Material L alot the dialect is close to what Signum uses so that's why I referred to that type of speech pattern for most of Dark Material L's quotes. One clue was from the fact that she used certain attack names that are born from a more archaec Japanese form.

-shrugs- It's better to have two people help with corrections than just one. It'll help Password-san especially.
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